Woodwind Trio, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon (2011) 22:30 min. Written for The Cascade Wind Trio

Wedding Airs, Viola de Brachio and Flute (2008), 12 min., for Brian Ferguson and Ursula Whicher

Fantasies and Delusions, Erhu and Clarinet (2006), for Yang Zemin and Lauren Jennings

Una Voce, Violin and Cello (2004), 5 min., written for Fear No Music (.mp3)

Dawn of the Old Moon, Chamber Orchestra (1111/1110/2 perc./strings) (2005), 16 min., Master's Thesis

Cadenza for an Unforgotten Tomorrow for Clarinet, Violin, 'Cello, Percussion and Piano (2004), 5 min.

Penumbral Light for Violin, Cello, Bass Clarinet, Percussion and Piano (2003), 4 min., written for Hundredth Monkey

Elegy for Piano Duet (2003) 7 min., dedicated to Kathy Keller

Clay Cup for Balinese Gamelan Ensemble (2003), 5 min.

Still Tones for Flute, Harp, Viola (2003), 5 min.

Top of the Dock House for Percussion Duet (2001), 3 min. (.mp3)

Sandstone Lament for Brass Quintet (2000) 4 min.

String Trio (2000-01) 8 min.

Good Company for String Quartet (1999) 4 min.

Underscoring for Wild Nights with Emily, Fir Acers Theater production, for Violin, Piano and Harp (2004), Three week run, winter 2004


To a Grandfather Far Away SATB and Piano (2012) 3 min. Commissioned by Jamie Webster and the Chautauqua Community Choir

Nocturne in a Deserted Brickyard SATB (2012) 1 min.

Faces in the Crowd, SATB (2012) 1:30 min.

Crucifixus, Organ and SATB (2011) 2 min. Written for St. Mark's Florence

Le Rose, Violin and SATB choir (2011) 5:30 min. Written for Massimo Nesi and il Gruppo Polifonico Quodlibet

I am the Grass, SATB (2010) 1:30 min.

Peace, SSAATTBB (2009), 6 min. commissioned by Pam and Eugene McGuire

Requiem, SSAATTBB (2008), 15 min. in memory of Brian Russel

Sunsets, SATB (2007), 2:30, commissioned by Eugene McGuire, premiered by members of the ProArte ensemble, Rye, NY (.mp3)

From Afar, SATB (2006), 5 min. commissioned by Pamela McGuire

Lux, SSAATTBB Choir (2005), 2 min. written for Sospiro

Ave Maria for SATB Choir (2003), 3 min.

Invocation for SATB Choir (2001-02)(.mp3)

Midnight for SATB Choir (2001-02)

To His Heart for Male Choir (2001) 2 min.

The Last Request for Male Choir (2001) 2 min.

O Magnum Mysterium for SATB choir (2000) 4 min.


September Midnight and Change, Soprano and Piano (2010) 3:30 min. Commissioned by Ashley Buckhout

The Coming of Winter, song cycle for Baritone and Piano (2009), 7 min.

Pineapple Tap for Soprano, Clarinet, Bassoon, Trombone, Electric Bass and Percussion (2004), 7 min., written for Katherine Saxon

3 Whitman Songs: for Bass-Baritone and Piano, 6 min.
       Perfections (2004)
       Stranger (2004)
       Youth, Day, Old Age and Night (2003), written for Doreamus Scudder (.mp3)

Death Comes to Me, A Girl for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano (2003), 2 min. written for Marie Landeth

To the Moon for Baritone and Piano (2001), 1 min.

Songs from Yeats for Baritone and Piano (2001) 6 min.
       Her Anxiety
       Love's Loneliness
       After Long Silence
       His Confidence

A Song for Kate for Baritone and Piano (2000), 1 min. dedicated to Kate Keck


Sketch for Mean-Tone Organ (2012) 2 min. Written for Robin Walker

Organ Preludes (2012) 10 min. Written for Robin Walker

4 Guitar Preludes (2009), 5 min. commissioned by Michael Poll

Anticipation of November Rain, Haiku for Violin (2007), 1 min. 30 seconds

Piano Suite no. 2 (2006), 12 min. commissioned by Heather Murphrey

Works for Chinese Flute (2006), dedicated to Yang Zemin:
       Proud Rabbit, Solo Chinese Flute (2006)
       Missing the Rain, Solo Chinese Flute (2006)
       Candles on the River, Solo Chinese Flute (2006)
       Sunset over the Green Tower, Solo Chinese Flute (2006)
       Three Impressions of the Setting Sun, Solo Xiao (2006)
       Five conversations with a Roof Tile, Solo Clarinet or Chinese Flute (2006)

January Songs, Solo Clarinet (2006), for Lauren McGuire Jennings

Fantasia for Marimba (2005), 6 min. commissioned by Kelly Johnson

438, Solo Bassoon (2005), 9 min. commissioned by Andrew McKelvey

437, Solo Trumpet (2005), 10 min. Commissioned by Zachary C. Person

The Grapefruit will Remind Me for Solo Clarinet (2004), 6 min., dedicated to Lauren McGuire

After Satie for Solo Piano (2004), 8 min. written for Crystal Zimmerman

Addictive Behaviors, for stereo digital audio media (2004), 4:10, dedicated to Evan Lally

Eight Decades of Plum Blossoms for solo Flute (2003), 5 min. dedicated to Edith Patten, recorded spring 2003